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Thank you for ordering a Specialized Saddle through Good for your Horse, LLC. It is
an honor to be your Rep for the greatest saddles ever.
As your Rep, I offer you two complimentary saddle fittings at no extra cost to you with
the exception of mileage if you are located away from the Grand Junction area. You
are also welcome to bring your horse to my place for your fittings, and we have an
arena available as well as some surrounding areas to ride in order that you can test
your saddle fit on your horse.
Each saddle comes with a fitting DVD done by the owner of Specialized Saddles, David
Kaden. I encourage you to take the time to watch the DVD and practice checking your
saddle fit for yourself. The whole advantage of Specialized Saddles is that you
can learn to adjust your fit as your horse changes, which all horses do change with fitness,
weight loss or gain, and aging. Don't be afraid to adjust the cushions and the shims
yourself and experiment with how they work, how they should fit and what to look
for in your saddle fit. Fitting your saddle is not an exact science, and we have to be
willing to test out what we do to see if we did it right. All horses are different, just
like we are. Some need nothing more than to rasp and bevel the edges of the cushions,
and others take much time and effort to get it right.
I am always available for consultation and troubleshooting by phone. If you need assistance
after the first complimentary saddle fittings, the cost of additional fittings is $50.00 plus
mileage if applicable.
Again, I am pleased you made the decision to purchase your Specialized Saddle, and I
am confident you will spend many happy hours with your horse in total comfort.
Happy Trails,