Ranch Versatility Saddle

Working with top RV trainers, we have designed the
ultimate all round saddle, we call the Ranch Versatility.

Ranch versatility demands a lot from a horse, so first
consider what this saddle does for your horse, so he can
do his job better..

You wouldn't want to perform a sport in shoes that don't
fit yet! Putting a non-adjustable saddle on your horse
has the same chance of fitting perfectly as randomly
grabbing a pair of shoes off the store shelf and expecting
them to fit. Like feet, horses come in all sizes and often
they are even different from left to right side. So for a
horse to respond positively to training sessions and look
forward to the next ride, your horse must be comfortable.

Our saddles are the only saddles in the world, you can
adjust each side independently in all three dimensions
of fit: width, arch, and angles.

Horses perform better when they can bend and move
without excessive pressure and pain from bad saddle fit.
Our patented 3-D fit system makes bad fit a thing of the

Comfort for the rider is built into all Specialized saddles and the comfort is so different from traditional western saddles you must ride it to discover just how comfortable hours in the saddle can be.

Try a demo and see how much better you and your horse will feel and perform.

Price: $2350.00


970-216-9995  or  sjroper9345@aol.com
Sharon has the necessary experience to insure your saddle fit is as good as it can be and will teach you to change the fit as your horse changes shape or you change horses. Within our geographical she will visit your horse to do the initial fit.