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What light therapy has done for Lovell Sasser's cat:

"I wish you could see TiGGer (my now 14+ years 1/2 Bengal feline). He was more dead than alive on 4/10/11 and basically waiting for me to be able to pull the plug, giving him fluids almost daily, appetitie pills, etc. when
Sharon Roper came out to scan the horses, I was telling her about TiGGer and she said, 'Lovell, I have never treated a cat before but if you want me to I will treat him when I am done with the horses'. TiGGer was one month short of 12 years of age. She came in and put the " 'lights' on him and I kid you not, I don't know why but the cat sat there for over 30 minutes and then got down and has had NO fluids since. (My son is a small animal vet and had done everything medically he could do for TiGGer). TiGGer did have two relapses but each time I called Sharon and she came out and treated him, the two relapses occurred within the first 6 months. He is still maintained and has had Class 4 Laser added since Paull got his Laser 2/9/12. He loves the 'groomlight' tool (also red light therapy). I was obviously thrilled and the cat did not know it was supposed to help him. I can't explain technically why he is doing so well, but I am enjoying it :) TiGGer has a heart murmur, thickened wall, high blood pressure, stenosis of the spine, irritable bowel disease and severe food allergies. He eats well and looks great and feels good and loves his treatments and takes three pills a day. I think you will be pleased with the wonderful results."