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What is Equine Light Therapy and what can it do for you and your horses?

 Our SCAN/LIGHT THERAPY SYSTEM is the easiest, most user-friendly way to find and correct physical problems in your horses and family pets!  The safe, state of the art, 2-part system, consists of the SCANNER (used primarily on horses) and the ETU (equine/pet Therapy Unit).

 The SCANNER lets you evaluate the entire horse's body and locate current problems by using the same physiology that the body uses to feel pain.

 Once the whole horse has been scanned, each problem area that was marked using a water crayon, is treated using the ETU (Equine Therapy Unit) utilizing light therapy. The ETU produces red and infrared light, pulsed at 7 different frequencies. Changing a frequency changes how the tissue is affected by the therapy. Light therapy is being studied and used in health care at great institutions such as the Mayo Clinic, National Cancer Institute, Stanford University, Marshall Space flight Center,  Ghent University, Belgium and NASA where Dr. Harry T. Whelan conducted studies known as "The NASA Light Emitting Diode Medical Parogram". The ability of light to stimulate healing is a tool offering incredible potential and is now available to everyone.

LED light therapy research has been done by NASA for long term space flight. Astronauts frequently experience muscle and bone atrophy, as well as minor injuries that do not heal until they have landed back on earth. NASA found that the energy from the lights actually affected the cells at the mitochondrial levels, increasing the energy within the cell that would, in turn speed up the healing process.

Some researched and proven benefits of red/infrared (LED) therapy include:

  • Increased circulation: increases formation of new capillaries which speeds up healing by  50-70%
  • Stimulates collagen production, an essential protien used to repair damaged tissue and deceases the amount of scar tissue formation
  • Stimulates tissue granulations to heal wounds, ulcers and inflammed areas faster
  • Releases endorphins and encephalins which facilitate long-term pain relief
  • Stimulates the reproductive system
  • Increases RNA and DNA synthesis
  • Reduces excitability of nervous tissue
  • Increases Phagocytosis, the body's way of clearing out damaged cells and fight infection

Many studies have shown positive results with:

Arthritis    Wounds   Pain       Anxiety
Edema     Bruising   Wounds Edema 
Sore muscles    Deep tissue injuries
Poor range of motion    Reproductive issues 
Inflammation Better performance

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Sharon scanning Jahalla, our straight Egyptian stallion. 
"Careful Jahalla, looks like you are falling asleep"
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Sharon is marking all compromised places
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 Sharon is treating all the marked spots
For Appointments

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1st scan  $75.00

Maintenance every 4-8 weeks   $65.00

Depending on size

Depending on time
required    $25-$30