Barrel Sport Saddle

With a different skirt than our Barrel Revolution, and many options, you can make your Barrel Saddle, truly one of a kind!

Choose from    * -rough out fenders & skirt,or smooth
      * -smooth or rough out seat
      * -your choice of seat colors
   * - 4" or 5" cantle
            * -your choice of tooling styles
   * -your choice of conchoe
   * -your choice of stirrups

Like our Barrel Revolution, our Barrel Sport features free swinging stirrups, narrow twist and perfect fit for you and your horse.

SKU: SKU16192

Price: $1695.00

Seat Size

Primary Skirt Color

Seat Surface

Seat Color




Matching Breast Collar

Front Cinch / Drop Rigging

Rear Cinch

Rear Cinch Billets